The premise of the website is exactly what you’d expect, given its title: every day they will post one SEO tip. What’s cool, though, is that at the top of the page they have a link to “Contribute an SEO Tip.” The link takes you to a simple form where anyone is able to contribute to the blog. The blog isn’t as radically trusting as Wikipedia, however, as they do screen tips to weed out the good from the bad. I contributed a tip myself, and I was pleased to get a personal email from Ann Smarty thanking me for the tip.

I think it’s a great idea for an SEO blog because content is literally being written for it. I don’t think this would work for a new blog, but as an extension of an already popular SEO blog like Search Engine Journal, it works wonders. And so far, judging from the first two posts and some comments, the authors are not abandoning the site just to let guests do all the work for them – the SEO tips they give out are useful.

Of note is how active the comments section is for their posts so far. In fact, their mission statement comes straight from a comment: “Bitesized daily tips to help keep your SEO knowledge fresh without cluttering up your feed-reader.”

They acknowledge where the mission statement came from in their footer, an SEO blogger named Ken Jones. It’s a nice gesture and definitely promotes commenting. If you check out the comments so far, you’ll see that the authors are actively participating in the discussion. The people who do give a tip also get a link back, obviously, when their tip is posted. The blog has created a true win-win situation.

Although I’m getting more and more reserved with adding yet more blogs to my RSS feeder, I will definitely be subcribing to Daily SEO Tips.