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Over the past few years, Google Maps has become an extremely useful tool in the Ottawa SEO arsenal. It began when Google merged its map listings with its search results page in 2010.

Recently, Google increased the visibility of the map listings in its organic search results. Since then, this listing of seven local places has become known as the “7-box,” and it is a highly sought-after space.

If you’re a local business trying to get noticed, you want an Ottawa SEO company that knows the importance of Google Maps listings on your side. You want Marketing Breakthroughs.

We have a proven track record of success with Google Maps. We have helped numerous Ottawa companies show up in Google’s Map listings with more frequency.

Why Invest in Google Maps?

If you’re a business that has a storefront, Google Maps is an excellent way to get noticed. Map searches often appear above other organic search results, making it more likely that the searcher will click on them.

A large part of our strategy has to do with handling of bad reviews. There are number of ways we can help you deal with them.

First and foremost is to increase the frequency of good reviews. This helps you drown out bad reviews. We do this by implementing various strategies to increase positive customer traffic to your maps page.

We also create strategies for directly addressing bad reviews by developing good social CRM. By responding to reviews quickly and professionally, you can improve the way your company is viewed online. We’ll show you how.

Optimizing for Google Maps

Our optimization process for Google Maps is extensive. We create a map listing page for you, or, if you already have one, we perform an audit.

This audit is designed to determine whether or not your map listing is optimized. If it is not, we take steps to improve its optimization.

You can trust us to keep your information secure and confidential throughout the entire process.

The Importance of Google+

Google Maps now integrates Google+ Local for Businesses pages directly into Google map listings. But why does that matter to you?

Because Google+ gives you a venue to display all that is appealing about your business: through photos, posts, videos and, most importantly, comments and reviews. It gives your map listing a personalized look and it helps to optimize your listing for SEO.

Marketing Breakthroughs can create a Google+ Local page for you, and optimize it to help you rise through the map listing results. We’re an Ottawa SEO company and we believe that integrated SEO across all platforms is an absolute necessity.

And we will get you results. We are experts in the field of SEO, and we know the Ottawa SEO landscape intimately. We have worked with many Ottawa companies to improve their SEO, and yours could be next.

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