Are you ready for a sweeping change to Google Chrome that is likely to affect your web traffic, lead conversions, and ultimately your bottom line? Chrome 62 and its HTTPS focus bring just that.

If this is news to you and your business, please read on for the background behind the changes, their intended benefits, and potential ramifications.

The World Relies on Google Chrome

The success of your online business is far more tied to Google Chrome than you may ever have imagined.

The last two versions of Google Chrome alone are used by approx. 32% of all web goers worldwide as of September 2017. In fact, Chrome overall hogs approximately 57% of total browser market share today.

In a world where developing countries are beginning to log on in numbers, 57% is massive. Approximately half the planet now browse the web – a far cry from the days of “You’ve got mail!” – which equates to an estimated 3.8 billion+ internet users on our pale blue orb as of June 2017.

What does this mean? Well, aside from the fact that the Google name carries as much weight as ever, it also instructs us to expect that any significant change to the browser’s underlying technology is going to effect a lot of people… including your current and future patrons.

And here’s the t