Marketing Breakthroughs Ottawa Friday Brief for February 9, 2015Welcome to MB’s Friday Brief, where we compile some of the “must-read” articles and awesome marketing tools for your small-to-medium sized business. Send us your personal must-read articles; we’re always looking to share great resources.

Facebook Turns 11

On February 4, 2004 “” was launched and history as we know it would be forever changed, at least in the business and marketing world. It was exclusive to University students until it opened to everyone in 2006, and it created the business “Pages” option in 2007. It’s hard to believe that something seemingly so new is over a decade old, with over one billion active monthly users!

Snapchat Discover

The relative newcomer to the social media scene, Snapchat has been increasing in popularity and was the biggest growing social media site in 2014. They have now launched their publishing platform, Snapchat Discover. Like their “Stories” feature, posts will go up for a limited time and then “self destruct”. Unlike the Stories and traditional Snapchat use, Discover will allow media companies to publish media content. Several projects have already been announced or are already out there. Get ready to start hearing more and more about Snapchat Discover as it evolves.

Mashable’s Year on Snapchat

Speaking of Snapchat, Mashable shared their recap of their year using the platform. They showed how they were able to use Snapchat’s capabilities as a powerful storytelling platform, and a fun and personal tool. However, they also explain the issues they faced, including crashing during high-use times, limitation of 3-rd party platforms, and the drain on the smartphone battery. It is a great article to get you thinking about if Snapchat is right for your business.

Hootsuite vs TweetDeck

This post examines two of the most popular social media management tools, Hootsuite and TweetDeck. One of the biggest differences is the fact that TweetDeck is for scheduling Tweets only, but the guide is handy enough to help curious social media managers see the difference between the two and possibly get started with one or the other.

How to Defend Your Business From a Bad Yelp Review (Infographic)

One of the biggest questions businesses have to face with the popularity of online media is what to do if bad reviews surface. There is a thin line you must walk between doing nothing and doing too much. Read this infographic to understand how online reviews affect consumer decision-making and what you can do to manage your online reputation.

What Clicks Well Online? Here’s What 2.7 Billion Social Shares Reveal

This study looked at 1 million articles from top publishers across social media platforms for six months and to discover what content is successful at being shared. The results are as you would have guessed: people like sharing things that surprise them and make them think, Facebook has the most shared items (over other platforms), it is not easy to get items shared often, and many people ignore some platforms and dedicate their time to only their favorite. The one finding that may be worth looking into is the fact Facebook sees more negative posts shared, compared to LinkedIn, which sees more positive posts shared.