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You Can Now Choose Who Will Manage Your Facebook Account After You Die

One of the biggest pieces of news that came out this week was the fact that Facebook is now allowing users to select a “legacy contact” to take over their account in the case of death. As usual with Facebook updates, not everyone is finding this option available to them yet (it should be under Settings and then Security). It is available to many US users now and will roll out to Canada later this year. The details of this change seems to pertain only to a person’s profile page, and not their business page, so it is important to note here that you should always have a trusted admin backup on your business page in case something happens to you.

Twitter Launches ‘Curator’ a Tool for Media Organizations

Curator is said to be Twitter’s response to Storify, to allow users the opportunity to search and filter tweets and save them into sharable report content. Right now media organizations can sign up to trial the tool, but if it gets positive reviews it will likely open up to a larger audience, including content marketers, like ourselves. In the meantime, we can keep using Storify (the free or Enterprise version) to connect with our audiences and share our unique stories.

700 Digital Marketers Weigh In On Budgets, Metrics & Mobile

A recent study by gShift and Acquisio was administered during their SEO and PPC Strategy seminar and resulted in over 700 responses from marketers on budgeting, performance, and mobile strategy. Some of the interesting findings include the average increase for digital marketing spending to increase by 8% and become approximately 25% of overall marketing budgets. They also report that search marketing (SEO or paid ads) remain the largest share of digital marketing mix, and that a great deal of marketers are still having troubles connecting their social media efforts with specific closed sales. This suggests a strong need for better tools and training for conversion analytics.

How to Leverage Google+ and Pinterest Search

If social media seems to be a lot of effort for just a fleeting amount of notice, you may be interested in looking more closely at the longevity of Pinterest and Google+. Both of these platforms are meant for posts that are more evergreen than those on Twitter or Instagram (for example). Because of this, the search features at the later favor posts that are the most recent, while the former base their results on the quality of the posts. This article takes a good look at this functionality.

The Science behind Why Our Brains Crave Infographics (In an Infographic)

Infographics are a popular and highly effective form of content in marketing these days. This infographic explains why our brains prefer the visuals to accompany advertising messages, and why they provide “visual breaks from the overload of text-based information that floods our daily browsing and work-related activities.” Infographics are an engaging and accessible way to communicate information that are “easy to digest” and “fun to share”!

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