Marketing-Breakthroughs-Ad-Agency-Ottawa-Trends-2015In 2012 Paul Austin-Menear posted an article to MBlog titled “Advertising: The New Rules” and almost three years later, everything he said is still holding true!

Ottawa ad agencies are far from what is depicted in pop culture of the Madison Avenue “Mad Men” advertisers of the 50’s and 60’s. A single ad on its own isn’t enough to get the job done today. Marketers and advertisers are working together on long-term brand strategy and short-term campaigns that are designed to increase brand loyalty while enticing new customers to give it a try.

What are some key advertising trends that top companies in Ottawa are focusing on this year?

  • Marketing Analytics and ROI: Traditionally, advertising dollars spent should have been able to be correlated with dollars earned, but now with the increase of content marketing and social media posting there is not a clear relation to time and money spent and dollars returned. ROI has to now be measured in other ways and it’s important that these “other ways” are determined beforehand. As Paul explained, you must ask: “What’s the prize at the end of my advertising campaign? What will I get out of this initiative?” You will generally want to see some sort of increase in page views, clicks, comments, followers, and so on. That in turn should begin to funnel down to successful sales.
  • Online Ads: As platforms continue to evolve to allow advertisers the opportunity to target their desired demographics, online ads are expected to continue increasing in 2015. In addition, advertisers are branching out in the type of ads they create. High-quality videos are known to get more attention and entice customer action. Luckily, if you already have radio or television adds, your MB Ottawa advertising agency can easily convert them into files for the internet.
  • Mobile Platforms: Not enough can be said about advertising on mobile devices. Companies MUST have a mobile-friendly (responsive) website, and those online ads we just mentioned? Make room in your budget for both desktop and mobile versions.
  • Serialization: Wherever your advertising focus is, consider serialization. Much like the concept of “consistency” that marketing agencies often talk about, serialization takes it a step further by creating content that all connects and relates to one another. For example, consider this advertising video from Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials Canada. Their Winter Survival Series is an effective ad campaign because they integrate their products with healthy lifestyle tips and viewers are enticed to go watch the rest of the series. This is exactly the kind of ad that is effective in 2015!
  • Increased Competition: The ad games are just heating up in Ottawa, and as more businesses and advertisers embrace social media each year there is more and more content getting put out. Be prepared for more noise that could potentially drown you out, and be prepared for higher quality content. There is never a time in advertising to rest on your laurels, so make sure you are keeping momentum as well as upping your game this year.

Whatever your focus for advertising this year, remember that the core of it all should be a strong brand that speaks to customers no matter what medium you are using. From your logo to your business cards, website, social media platforms, and online videos, you should have one solid brand message and a “feeling” that you are leaving with customers and potential customers.

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