The Friday Breakthrough is Ottawa’s weekly roundup of some of the internet’s best marketing and social media articles for a less-than-intense day at the office.

1) A picture is worth a thousand words! No need to type your Google search in anymore. Just take a picture!

Just point your mobile phone, take a picture, and Google will search for it! Wow!

Of course, if I’m already standing in front of the item, why would I need to search for it? I’ve already found it. Maybe you’ll understand it better than me…watch the video.

2) Bill Gates joins Twitter! It was only a matter of time before the world’s richest computer geek decided to step up and join in on the conversations taking place online.

Within 8 hours of joining the social media network, Gates had already made 100,000 new friends. That’s impressive. Read the article: Bill Gates Surpasses 100,000 Twitter Followers in 8 Hours.

3) Are you looking for hours of banana-fun? Look no further than Chiquita Bananas’ brilliant You can design your own Chiquita sticker face in classic blue and yellow and post it on the wall of the website. It’s a fun way to kill an hour, but it’s a great way to market the most famous bananas in the world!

Send in your favourite breakthroughs of the week, and maybe yours will appear in the Friday Breakthrough! Have a great weekend.