Recently, Facebook has made improvements to their metrics based on feedback from businesses who run advertisements. If you’re not already using Facebook, now is the time to take advantage – it’s a powerful ad platform with over two billion users.

In a 2017 Facebook Newsroom blog post, Facebook promises to deliver more visibility, stating, “As people interact with businesses in new ways, marketers need to better understand actions driven by their online presence. We’ve heard the feedback from businesses that they want more transparency and understanding around their Facebook performance.”

By introducing new reporting tools for Pages and Ads, Facebook looks to renew their commitment to their business community. They are planning to roll out new tools to support businesses and drive better results.

Businesses Gain Control Over Facebook Ad Placement

In June 2017, Facebook announced more controls in Audience Network, Instant Articles, and In-Stream Ads. This means more control over the type of content presented next to ads. Controls already included opt-outs, delivery exclusion, and blocking. The promise is to increase controls and to make existing ones easier to use. Increased controls include Pre-Campaign Transparency, Blocking at the Account Level, and Choice Over Video Placements in Audience Networks.

New Tools for Facebook Advertisers

An announcement in August 2017 includes another series of exciting tools. Facebook promises More Visibility on Ad Interactions and New Reporting on Page Interactions. The tools can help businesses gain insight for their audience.

More Visibility on Ad Interactions

A new metric, landing page views, will help with optimization. Businesses can learn how many visitors view their landing page after being redirected from an ad. Having this information can help businesses understand views versus conversions, and according to Facebook, “will help businesses realize the importance of optimizing for a better mobile web experience.”

Another new metric, pre-impression activity breakdown, shows previous versus new engagement. This measurement uses pixels and triggered app events to track returning visitors. Facebook believes this tool is “particularly helpful for businesses running dynamic ads for broad audiences, where the audiences expand beyond their own customers, and where ad creatives are generated dynamically based on associated product recommendations.”

New Reporting on Page Interactions

To gain more insight about how visitors find out about and interact with Facebook Pages, owners get three new reporting metrics: Follows, Previews, and Recommendations.

  • Follows – View gained and lost follows, origin of follows, organic/paid follows, and follower demographics.
  • Previews – Who views your page information without interacting.
  • Recommendations – How many times a page is included as a Facebook recommendation.

Facebook is striving to improve their metrics for businesses who run advertisements. To find out more about these changes and other social media updates, please bookmark and follow this blog. If you have any questions, let us know!