Entrepreneur posted a great article on the “4 Tips for Supercharging Your Business’s LinkedIn Profile”. It is important for everyone interested in SEO and online branding to take some time to consider their LinkedIn presence, and what they can do to enhance it. LinkedIn is often the #1 search result when people search for your name and it is also a result that comes up for your company. For as much of an impact that it has, everyone should be sure to have a strong and established profile that is ready to help them sell themselves along with their products or services.

Use SEO in Your Headline

The article explains that this headline is what people see attached to your name. In addition, this 120-character headline is the portion of your profile that is most caught by LinkedIn and other search engines (including Google, Yahoo, and Bing). It is important to be search engine optimized with terms that people are actually typing in their search engine. Remember to stay away from getting too creative if you want people find you, as people rarely search for “Ottawa Marketing Guru” instead of “Ottawa Marketing Consultant”, and remember that people aren’t looking for terms like “Advertising Expert” and not “CEO”.

Power-Up Your LinkedIn Photo

They are absolutely correct when they point out that your LinkedIn profile should be professional. This is the place where selfies just won’t do, and even if the best picture of you is one taken at a wedding, it might not be the right impression you would like to make. Think about how you would present yourself at a networking event. This is how you should look in your photo. In addition, if you are engaging on a company-wide LinkedIn enhancement, it is a good idea to use the same photographer and the same background for everyone, giving one consistent feel.

Create a One-sentence Super Experience Description

The Company name, position title, and first sentence of each experience position are the most important part of this section. Everyone won’t necessarily have the time to read everything in your profile, but they want the impression that you have put the time and effort into it, and that you have a great wealth of experience that they can read about later if they wish. Make sure that your position is as descriptive as possible and that the first sentence of each experience section gives an instant feel for what you did and what your company stood for, for example: “Managed hundreds of corporate branding projects for clients around Ottawa with one of the oldest and most established marketing firms in the City”.

Take Advantage of More Profile Features

LinkedIn has done a good job of limiting the customization of profiles, so that they can keep their platform very professional. There are workarounds to add bullets or bold text, but in general the only customization options for you are the addition of documents, photos, links, videos, and presentations to your profiles. Adding these graphic and multimedia enhancements to your profile not only give an extra way for people to get to know you, but they also make your profile look more complete. Giving viewers a relief from all of the bland-looking text will definitely draw them in and give them a little something extra to understand the full extent of your experience and expertise.

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