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What Is Employer Branding?

Your employees are your brand. They should be your company’s greatest fans and ambassadors. They should believe in your company’s vision and values, and should advocate enthusiastically on your behalf.

Employer branding is critical to your recruitment and retention efforts. After all, if your employer brand is not inspiring enough to get your current staff members engaged, how do you expect to attract the best to join your team? We can help.

It’s All About Attracting the Best Talent

By defining a great employer brand, which captures the essence of what is special about your company, you can compel both passive and active job-seekers to want to work for you. Furthermore, employer branding also reinforces key messaging to current employees, helping to increase retention and reducing recruitment costs. Increased retention equals decreased costs related to turnover.

But it takes strategic marketing and branding to deliver those key messages.

Communicating What is Great About Your Company

Through employee surveys and a positioning analysis (along with other tools and techniques), we’ll capture what’s great and unique about working at your company. We use only the latest employer branding strategies, like streaming employee testimonial videos, to capture why your company can be the “Employer of Choice” in your industry.

Marketing Breakthroughs has expertise in building successful employer brands that lead to the recruitment and retention of the top talent in your industry. We create value for companies, and we get results.

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