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Are you planning on building a new Ottawa eCommerce website? We’ve got the talent and expertise you need.

Or perhaps you’re just looking to add a store to your current website? We can do that too.

Marketing Breakthroughs is the one-stop-shop for all your Ottawa eCommerce needs. Our experienced eCommerce professionals will be able to assess your needs and deliver a website or add-on that produces results.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is just what it sounds like: the sale of your goods or services through the use of an online platform. Or maybe through the use of a mobile-optimized smartphone application to support the same-store shopping experience.

If you sell products online, you already use some level of eCommerce. In fact, if you’ve ever bought anything online, you have direct experience with eCommerce.

Ideally, you want your eCommerce software to be built directly into your website. If you’re selling goods on a third party website, you’re letting someone else cut into your margins by adding extra overhead.

Capitalize on eCommerce By Building with MB

That’s where our Ottawa web design team comes in. We can build eCommerce software directly into your site. And we can do it quickly and effectively.

If you aren’t already selling your products online, you should be. Especially if your products require limited shipping, this is a fast and easy way to get the word out and move your merchandise.

Why sell online? Market opportunity, of course! 87% of Canadians shopped online in 2013, yet only 17% of Canadian businesses sold their goods or services online. If you’re worried about the additional cost of adding eCommerce to your business, we can arrange favourable financing terms through our strategic partners.

Why Not Go With Third Party Software?

Because it will end up costing you more money in the long run. Every third-party solution takes a little bit of money off the top of every order that goes through them. That means you make less money on every sale.

We can build you something more sustainable. We use open-source eCommerce software that doesn’t cost you a cent in licensing. All you’ll pay for is our time in setting it up and any fees associated with processing payments through your chosen provider.

Ready to Get Started?

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