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Start Driving Qualified Leads to Your Website 

At Marketing Breakthroughs, when we hear “Digital Marketing” we think lead generation. More specifically, we think of the wide range of paid online advertising techniques we can use to help clients get real, tangible results out of their web marketing initiatives.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) – including Google AdWords, YouTube, Google Display Network and paid social media advertising – is an extremely efficient and cost-effective way to start generating traffic and leads for your website.

MB has staff some of the best search marketing minds in the city. Our Google certified search engine-marketing experts have designed and launched hundreds of highly successful PPC campaigns for a wide variety of Ottawa clients. Our team consists of SEM professionals, copywriters and web designers who deliver highly targeted ads using extensive market and keyword research, beautifully designed landing pages and killer conversion copy that will turn visitors into leads.

And, in true MB style, we’ll even customize your PPC campaign to meet your unique target market, brand and budget. Our process starts with an in-depth analysis of your market and goals, and evolves into a highly targeted keyword and messaging strategy that will drive visitors and leads to your website.

Our proprietary digital marketing services include:

  1. Google AdWords and Google Display Network Campaigns
  2. Google Remarketing Campaigns
  3. Email Advertising Campaigns
  4. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn Campaigns
  5. Paid video advertising campaigns

When you trust the team at MB with your PPC campaign and search engine marketing, you know you’re getting the absolute best. But you don’t have to just take our word for it. To ensure your PPC online advertising campaign is a success, we provide you detailed reporting so you can see the amazing results for yourself! These statistics will show you how often certain users clicked on your campaign, as well as what they did after they clicked. Using in depth tracking and web analytics, our team is able to finely tweak you campaign messaging, budget and targeting to ensure the maximum return on investment (ROI) for your dollars.

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