Delvinia released a neat-o PDF with some interesting stats about Canadians and their use of Social Media. You can download the social media stats PDF directly.

About Delvinia:

Delvinia is committed to continuously uncovering data-driven insights that will help us better understand, and ultimately design superior Digital Customer Experiences for Canadians.

The PDF is quite informative. The data was taken between October 2008 and March 2009, and it looks at different generations of Canadians and how they use social media and share information online.

A few facts I found interesting:

  • 18-30 year olds feel the most safe about sharing information online.
  • Pretty much no one from any generation feels very safe sharing their address and phone number.
  • Females feel less safe than males sharing their information online. This gender difference is least prominent in 45 – 65 year olds.
  • 37% of Canadians 65+ have visited Facebook in the past month.
  • Only 6% of 18-30 year olds and 4% of 31-44 year olds have posted to Twitter in the past month.
  • The majority of Canadians below retirement age believe that social media allows them to stay better connect with their work place.
  • Less than half the people who visited Facebook in the past month have posted content to it. The percentage of posted/visted is even less for MySpace, and smaller still for Twitter.
  • The only generation significantly concerned about purchasing online (i.e., using their credit cards to do so) are those 65+.

Well, I’ve now seen stats comparing Canada to other countries and comparing generations within Canada. Now I’d like to see something comparing geographical areas in Canada.

How does Ontario use social media relative to, say, BC? How does Ottawa, a fairly tech-focused city, compare to a city like Toronto, which is larger but probably less focused on high tech (and government)?

I suspect that fairly soon I’ll come across this information. (Fingers crossed.)