I stumbled across a really cool example of billboard advertising on The Marketing Blog (brought to you by the editorial team from Marketing Magazine) today: James Ready beer has these innovative advertising billboards in Southern Ontario that act as giant coupons. The idea is that passersby can take a photo of the billboard and show it to the vendor mentioned in the ad to save some money.
I just think it’s so creative. Everyone and their dog has a camera-phone combination nowadays and so many businesses are jumping on the smartphone app bandwagon, offering cool technological ways of connecting with their product or service. That’s great advertising. But what I like about James Ready’s approach here is that it’s a witty mix of high-tech (you need a camera on you when you see the ad) and low-tech (you need to be the one to take action and take a photo of the sign… you can’t just click “download”). And the whole coupons-save-you-money thing plays in so well with their advertising raison d’etre (being a cheap beer).