Effective copywriting is clear and gets the message across. Whether the copy is for a search engine optimized (SEO) website, a corporate brochure, a direct mail campaign, a TV or radio commercial, or a pay-per-click online ad, each and every word must be there for a reason. Great ads encourage readers to find out more and most importantly to do something.

We create copy that speaks directly to our clients’ customers. We do extensive research on the specific needs and buying decisions of customers and develop copy that talks directly to their pocket books and hearts. MB writes from the point of view of the customer: we literally create personality and demographic profiles for each target customer, helping us create copy that converts better than any other ad agency in Ottawa.


A Wide Range of Copywriting Services

Since 1995, our experienced copywriting and editing team has written more than 150,000 words for more than 160 clients.

We offer the largest range of  copywriting services in the city. We can provide solutions for any project. Our copywriting team will produce customized  copy that fits your company. Our services include:


Copywriting That Gets Results

Our process is extensive. We provide our clients with an exceptional return on their investment. Our team is highly trained and ready to deliver copywriting solutions for any application. We work quickly and efficiently to get you results.

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