Graphic Design Ottawa Marketing Breakthroughs Color BrandingDid you know that the most common color in logo design is blue? Did you also know that the colors you choose send a psychological message to your audience whether you want it to or not?

Color psychology and advertising research is broad and vast, but we’ve gathered some of the most commonly reported responses to each color, and included examples of popular logos for each. It’s a great idea to ask your local graphic design Ottawa team their opinions on your color choices before you set your heart and mind to one!

  • Red easily grabs attention and can evoke an intense response which leads to its position as a color of excitement, action, and energy. Well-known red logos include Kellogg’s, Nintendo, YouTube, Coca-Cola, Lego, Cannon, Adobe, and Time Magazine.
  • Orange demonstrates productivity, energy, and confidence. Companies that chose orange are Nickelodeon, Payless, Firefox, Amazon, and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.
  • Yellow symbolizes optimism and positivity and is thought to create happiness and warmth. Many studies show that yellow grabs the eye before other colors. Think of logos such as McDonalds, Subway, Ikea, Best Buy, AOL, and National Geographic.
  • Green represents nature, life, and peace. You can see why companies like John Deere, Whole Foods, and Animal Planet would want to stick to a “nature” theme, and how Holiday Inn and Starbucks strive to be seen as a place where one can take a peaceful rest.
  • Blue is the color of dependability and strength. Blue is said to communicate trust as well as authority. Popular blue logos include many long-standing businesses such as Ford, AT&T, Pepsi, NASA, and Lowes, as well as a great deal of popular online businesses such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal, Skype, and Vimeo.
  • Purple is creative, mysterious, and also the sophisticated color of royalty. Think of Halmark, Cadbury, Crown Royal, Wonka, Craigslist, and Yahoo!
  • Black, Gray, and White are neutral colors that show sophistication and simplicity. Adidas is an example of a white logo, Wikipedia and Apple are Gray, and Nike and New York Times chose black.
  • Multicolored logos are meant to show diversity, such as Google, Microsoft, and EBay. It is worth noting that Google and Microsoft are two of the strongest brands in the world, and their multicolored logos seem appropriate.

Now, by no means is color the only thing your graphic designer will look at when working on your logo, but it is an important piece (one your customers might see before anything else). Your designer will also look at the whole of your branding strategy and overall message to bring it all together. It is a good idea to think about the pros and cons of each color though. Is red too bold a color? Would blue get lost in the noise if many of your other competitors use it?

Do you agree that the mentioned companies are represented by the right color? What other logos can you think of that use color as an integral part of their branding?

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