Do you love Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace? Then you can work for Britney Spears!

Seems that Britney needs a full-time Harvard grad to help manage her online network, develop social media marketing campaigns, moderate community activity, and analyze web traffic and search engine results.

No doubt about it, maintaining the online marketing for one of the world’s biggest stars would be more than a full-time job. Of course, that also means that Britney herself wouldn’t be online — it’s just a PR firm’s representation of Britney Spears.

And that’s what makes the fact that Shaq himself is on Twitter so awesome … while Britney’s new web marketing guru will undoubtedly come up with lots of cool social media stuff, “The Big Aristotle” himself is actually taking time out of his own schedule to surf the Net, write crazy Twitter posts, and have real conversations with his fans.

In the end, Shaq’s method is more “real”, and therefore much more effective in building relationships with the online community.