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Whether you’ve just acquired a new company, are looking to expand your current operations, or are simply starting out, MB’s branding process will set yourself up for success.

Our branding process is about more than your visual identity. It’s about every single interaction that your customers and suppliers have with your company. Great brands are built over time and are usually accompanied by a written branding strategy managed by the chief brand officer of the company (CBO).

At MB, we believe that your brand is the first investment you should make in kickstarting your marketing activities. That’s why we’ve developed a step by step branding process aimed at finding and then communicating what’s unique about your company.

Our Detailed Branding Process

Our branding process is custom-designed to be a thorough showcase of what makes you and your business unique. We’ll interview you, your employees, your customers and even your suppliers, and ask detailed questions to discover the essence of your business. As we compile the answers and analyze the results, we’ll set the stage to begin our creative brief and the vision for the new brand.

Delivering Branding Results, On Time and On Budget

Our branding process is designed to move forward at a steady pace, while delivering clear, actionable results. We promise a clear method, and the engagement of the staff you select to help us brand your business. We’ll keep you informed with a highly managed project management schedule that engages the key stakeholders in your organization every step of the way.

After selecting the criteria that we will use to assess the preliminary designs, we’ll work with you to refine the designs and produce a branding specification that will help you manage the brand going forward.

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