1. Comment on other blogs – It’s a fact. Commenting on other people’s blogs can significant help to increase traffic to your own blog. Say something controversial (or funny, or timely), and your chances off boosting traffic is even greater.

2. Twitter about your blog – Social media sites, especially Twitter, are the absolute best places to advertise in order get an instant boost of traffic to your blog. Visit TinyURL to help do it in 140 characters or less!

3. Respond to your comments – Don’t leave your blog commenter hanging. Pay it forward and make friends with your commenter. Who knows where a connection like that could lead?!

4. Be consistent – If the mantra of every aspiring musician is ‘practice, practice, practice’, then the blogger’s mantra must be ‘write, write, write’! As a blogger, you need to let your followers know you’re dedicated, and one weekly blog post just won’t cut it. Instead, aim for at least 3-5 solid posts every week.

5. Link out – Sometimes you have to give in order to get. Like this: I just love LaineyGossip! It may seem paradoxical, but linking out to other blogs and articles can actually bring people in. (Which leads to a bonus tip…your reward for reading this far: Starting off with a link to someone or something else is the perfect fix for writers block).

Happy blogging!