The biggest news in Ottawa marketing is the change that took place on April 21, 2015 when Google rolled out their biggest algorithm change in years. This change affects all businesses and all websites, and is devised to reward those websites that are “mobile-friendly”. This change is even more intense than the update in July 2013, which specifically penalized sites by dropping their result ranking in mobile searches.

Rumours had been circulating that this newest change would be coming, even before Google started labeling sites as “mobile friendly” in mobile search results last November. What is now being dubbed as “mobilegeddon” was officially announced by Google in February and took place this week, with continued effects to be felt for the coming weeks. For a better understanding, consider the estimated impact on 40% of Fortune 500 companies, or two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies, which do not have mobile-friendly websites.

Will you be Affected?

Are you confident that each and every page of your website is mobile-friendly? This means that text should be large enough to read without zooming, links far enough away from each other so users do not have difficulty selecting their choice, and content should resize automatically without users having to side scroll. You site should also avoid using software, such as flash, which is not commonly found on mobile devices.

For the quick and authoritative answer, head over to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool. You will either get a “yes” for mobile-friendly, or a no with reasons for your site’s failure.

If you don’t pass the mobile-friendly test, and you want to stay relevant in search results, then it would be wise to take steps to optimize your site for mobile. You may have to have your site completely re-done, or you may only need a CMS update and new responsive theme.

Your Mobile Marketing Landing Page

One of the most important takeaways from this algorithm update is the fact that mobile users are making a huge impact in the marketing industry. Over 60% of all Internet searches are done from mobile devices, and 66% of emails are opened in the same way. Advertisers have to start looking at their mobile strategy and focusing conversion optimization efforts on those landing pages. Mobile users don’t want to search for long to find the answers they are looking for, and they don’t want to go through very many steps to make a purchase or booking, so mobile landing pages must have a strong headline, short copy, and a call-to-action button all above the fold (on screen without scrolling). Considering click-to-call buttons and short-form options (to cut down on the need to type) are also good ways to increase the odds that people will contact you with their business.

We Can Help!

If you’ve had your website built by the Ottawa Marketing Breakthroughs team in the past three years (since 2012) you can rest assured that your site is mobile-friendly and you will not be affected by this latest algorithm. If you’d like to set up a time to talk about new mobile landing pages, or if you are just learning about MB and would like us to help you with your website, contact us! We’re ready to help you get RESULTS!