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You sell a great product or service and have a solid brand. It’s time to let your customers learn about it! An Ottawa advertising campaign that breaks through the clutter targets a specific audience using a specific medium, with a message that they understand.

Effective advertising gets results. That’s why a Marketing Breakthroughs’ ad includes a specific call to action that drives sales. It features creative that grabs customers’ attention and a message that will motivate them to visit your store, website or pick up the phone.

Ottawa Advertising Campaigns that Work

Our Ottawa advertising professionals will build you a campaign that spans traditional, new, and social media platforms. We can create integrated marketing plans that get you the new customers and sales you’re looking for.

At MB, we believe in designing campaigns with specific reach and frequency objectives. Over the years we have learned that advertising still is a game of repetition. We have built special partnerships with a wide variety of local and national, digital and traditional media.

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Buying Media Directly and Saving Money

We work for our clients on a net basis. We buy media without compensation, meaning 100 per cent of your media budgets used to buy the best campaign possible. We work directly for you, and we don’t artificially inflate our media prices. This philosophy has been the hallmark of MB since our founding in 1995.

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