Wow. Nike’s first Tiger Woods-centric advertising since everyone’s opinion of the golf great drastically changed last fall has surfaced. They aren’t brushing scandal under the rug. They have Tiger staring the audience in the eye, while the voice of his late father asks him if he’s learned anything. I’m absolutely fascinated by this approach. I find it really powerful. Surprisingly, I don’t view it from my regular cynical standpoint. I have lost a lot of respect for Tiger Woods in the last few months, even though I must admit that his personal life is really none of my business. Even so, I really do appreciate the message of facing your demons and learning from your mistakes that this commercial conveys. Nike’s standing by their man, espousing responsibility for one’s actions. Somehow it almost makes me want to cheer for Tiger’s triumphant return. I never would have guessed that a Nike commercial would make me feel this way.