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New Metrics for Facebook Advertisers

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Facebook is on a mission to prove that it is listening to its advertisers. In a 2016 blog post, Facebook shared its determination to woo back advertisers’ trust in their ad platform, “we’ve heard the feedback from businesses that they want more transparency and understanding around their Facebook performance”. This is in response to Facebook’s recent admission that they had previously been misreporting on advertising metrics. By introducing new reporting tools for their Ads and Pages properties, Facebook looks to renewed their commitment to their business community. Over the next few months, Facebook will be rolling out a series of new tools that will not only support businesses, but drive better results.

Facebook Advertisers Gain More Control Over Ad Placement

Last month, Facebook announced that advertisers would now have more control over the placement of their ads in the Audience Network, Instant Articles, and In-Stream ads. Part of this includes higher pre-campaign transparency, blocking placements at the account level, and a choice of video formats and placements.

Facebook Continues to Roll Out New Tools for Advertisers

For this month’s announcement, Facebook has rolled out another series of exciting new tools. These tools aim to give advertisers and Page owners a better understanding of who’s interacting with them and where. Facebook Ads is also getting two brand-new reporting metrics: landing page views and pre-impression activity breakdown. The landing page views metric will provide advertisers with insights on just how many people hit their website or landing page after clicking on a Facebook ad. Facebook says they hope this metric will show advertisers how important it is to optimize for a better mobile web experience. With pre-impression activity breakdown, this metric will show whether or not a visitor has previously been to advertisers’ websites. This is particularly handy for advertisers delivering dynamically-generated ads to broad audiences.

New Metrics for Facebook Page Owners

On the Pages side of things, page owners are getting three new metrics: follows, previews, and recommendations. With follows, Page owners will see the exact number of follows their business gained or lost. They will also be able to see exactly where they are gaining follows, and a breakdown of paid vs organic interactions. Previews will deliver data on how many people see their page’s information, but don’t actually click or interact with it in any way. And finally, recommendations will show just how many times an advertiser’s page is included as a Facebook recommendation.

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