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From the Official Google Blog, Google has been “hard at play” creating Similar Images. (They have also been “hard at play” doing a News Timeline, but that’s for another post.)

Similar images looks at the similarity of the image itself, as opposed to keywords. Let’s go through an example, because I think it’s neat.

Here’s one of the top results for “angry bear”.

I clicked on the “Similar images” link, and here are some of the results I was shown:

So, that’s pretty good. Google managed to figure out that the bear I’d clicked on, was, in fact, not a real bear. But it didn’t come up with more guys in a bear suit – only a few teddy bears.

Still, it is useful. Here are some similar image results for “Ottawa” (the image farthest to the left if the one I clicked on for “similar images”).

It’s pretty fun to play around with, but not revolutionary.

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