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If you’re looking for Ottawa marketing blogs, there aren’t a lot of them out there. Marketing blogs in Ottawa tend to edge more towards technology news than marketing itself. This lack of marketing-oriented blogs in Ottawa is, in fact, why the Daily Breakthrough was born. We’re hoping to fill a gap, because there’s a lot that goes on in this city.

As an Ottawa marketing firm, there are a few blogs in Ottawa we do like to read to keep up with marketing news in our fair capital city. Of course, these blogs make up only a percentage of the marketing blogs we’re subscribed to – obviously a lot of what works in other cities works in Ottawa.

There are two main Ottawa marketing blogs I read:

Techvibes: Technology News in Ottawa

Techvibes is an international blog, but it has a section dedicated solely to the Ottawa region. The blog is called “Technology News in Ottawa,” but there’s a fair amount of marketing information you’ll find within it. Unlike many blogs, there aren’t a lot of how-to posts, but you can pick up a lot from their more opinionated posts.

Mike Kujawski’s Blog

Mike Kujawski specializes in public sector and non-profit marketing, and his blog reflects that. Ottawa’s a government city, so obviously that’s a big part of the marketing that goes on here.

Other Ottawa Blogs:

Ottawa Start has a massive list of Ottawa blogs. Rather than simply copying the list they have, which wouldn’t help anyone, I’ll go over what I occasionally read.

I like to check out SEO Education just to see what sort of tips they come up with. This SEO blog is a lot like the Daily Breakthrough in that there are a lot of introductory and how-to posts which would be super beneficial for clients. It’s interesting to see what tips they come up with and think are valuable for someone learning SEO.

Obviously not a blog, but I have the Ottawa Citizen in my RSS reader (Vienna, becasue it’s awesome). I don’t subscribe to the Ottawa Sun, because we get a hard copy here at the office. The other newspaper I read online is the Ottawa Business Journal. It’s the best source for Ottawa business news (not necessarily related to marketing, though).

As you can see, there’s not a whole lot of Ottawa marketing blogs or websites I read. A lot of the marketing information I get comes from blogs in the United States – it’s as applicable here as anywhere else. For Ottawa marketing news, I tend to get a pretty good insight working at an Ottawa marketing firm, but I still like to see what a few other marketers in Ottawa are saying or thinking.

Of course, for Ottawa marketing news, it’s my professional marketing opinion that you should really be subscribing to MBMagazine.

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