19 years. That’s a long time.

Today we’re proudly celebrating 19 years of inspiring marketing campaigns, successful client projects, personal growth, and ambitious goals.

Marketing Breakthroughs is one of only 4% of businesses still openand going strong, at thatfrom the hundreds of businesses that started in Canada in 1995. In fact, within the first five years most businesses fail. Some drop off in the following years, and most never make it off the ground. As we step into our 20th year, we want to share a thing or two about what success in business has looked like for us. What we have here at MB is something truly remarkable, and there’s no better time to reflect on this than on MB’s 19th birthday.IMG_9686

Find People Who Share Your Values

We asked Steve Klein, who was at the centre of the birth and growth of MB, what has made us one of those 4% of successful businesses. For Steve, the answer is as much the same today as it was at the very beginning: It’s all about finding the right people.

“You have to find people who care and who have like-minded values. It seems so basic but a lot of people overlook that.”

From the beginning, Steve knew that building a business was not a one-man project. “Having a great support system is key. We’re just not meant to do it alone.” That core team became the foundation that we continue to stand on today. As our team grows, the challenge to find ways to stay in alignment is just as important to the success of our business as our relationship with clients. The “right people” are hungry to serve the unique client base that MB attracts, and they do so with diligence and care. But even those people need to be taught the values of your company. Find a common “language” around these values and build them into your processes so that they’re always front-of-mind.


Business Success is Having the Will to Survive

Even more than having the right business idea and even more than having a plan for how you’re going to make money, business success is about having guts. Without that internal fire, you’re not going anywhere. Business success is having someone at the helm who has passion for the business, and grows a team around that shared passion. It’s internal alignment at its best. To build a team who effortlessly shares a common goal strengthens your business: From operations to execution, the secret sauce is your will to survive.

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The Secret: Make Sure our Clients Come First

When your business model is client-centric, you must have strong values about what that means to your day-to-day operations. On one hand, it’s about finding businesses who share your values. Even more than that, though, it’s about putting client success at the very top of your list.

As we move into our 20th year, our guiding light is building extraordinary client experiences. We focus on servicing a very special group of clients, and our goal is to offer them the same caring and respect as we do to our own business.

We’re always learning and always growing. The story is still a work in progress, and we can’t wait to write the next chapter.

“As much as we’ve done in the past 19 years, I’m amped about what it could be,” offers Steve Klein. And that’s the spirit that is taking us into our 20th year.

Thank you to all our valued clients, and to everyone whose had a hand in our ongoing success. Your support is of monumental importance. Here’s to MB’s success!