Want an absolute ton of SEO tips? You’ve come to the right place.

The truth is that after I initially learned the gist of what SEO was and how search engines basically worked (which can be done by reading one or two articles, assuming you’re familiar with the Internet), I learned the most not from SEO “how to” guides or anything, but simply from picking up neat SEO tips here and there, and then fitting them together myself into the bigger picture.

Pasted below are a few lists of tips I’m going to go ahead and recommend. Read what I’ve posted here, and even though none of them are a guide or a really in-depth look at SEO strategy, you’ll still get a good idea about what good SEO really is.

General SEO Tips

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20 Hard Core SEO Tips (these are pretty hardcore… but, uh, not that hardcore)

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Link Building Tips

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131 (Legitimite) Link Building Strategies

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(Oh, and here is a helpful YouTube rap about linkbuilding)

SEO Copywriting Tips

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20 SEO Copywriting Hints (Not tips – hints)

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