It’s often said that marketing is a game of repetition, but it’s also a game of ideas. While you want to get the most out of every advertisement that you create, you also want to advertise yourself in a way that has people talking. This means getting creative.

Below are 100 different ways you can promote your business to local, national, and international customers. They aren’t all created equal. Some are incredibly expensive and ambitious, while others are far easier and more affordable. Of course, if you need help setting any of these up, Marketing Breakthroughs is happy to help. You can send us an email here.

Here goes nothing!

  1. Billboards
  2. Online Ads
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Reciprocal links (Links on other peoples’ websites)
  5. Sales (promotions)
  6. Newspaper ads
  7. Radio ads
  8. Facebook pages
  9. Twitter accounts
  10. LinkedIn company page
  11. Regular status updates
  12. Trade shows
  13. Network with industry leaders.
  14. Provide good customer service.
  15. Develop a unique product or service that others will talk about.
  16. Sponsor a concert.
  17. Truck Wraps
  18. Uniforms for employees
  19. Swag (aka ‘promotional merchandise’)
  20. Magnetic Bumper Stickers
  21. Email blasts
  22. QR Codes (used correctly – ALWAYS directed to a mobile optimized page)
  23. Direct Mail
  24. Flyers
  25. Digital display boards
  26. Unique business cards
  27. Get a mascot.
  28. Engage with customers and partners on social media.
  29. Make donations to a charity.
  30. Make a sign for your offices or store.
  31. Renovate your store front (Check out Preston Hardware)
  32. Decorate your store for the appropriate season.
  33. Hold a draw.
  34. Tell people about your business whenever you talk to them.
  35. Write a blog.
  36. Take pictures of your staff and put them on your social media sites.
  37. Create a video.
  38. Ask your customers to create a video for your website.
  39. Have a website.
  40. Build an app (make it useful).
  41. Create a seasonal cookbook with recipes from your staff. (We’re putting one together over the next two weeks! If you’d like to submit a recipe, contact paul [at]
  42. Create an affiliates program.
  43. Donate your product to a charity draw.
  44. Sponsor an athlete, make a video about it.
  45. Pull together an ice sculpting team for Winterlude, make a video about it.
  46. Sponsor a sports team.
  47. Throw a party for your customers.
  48. Hold a brand awareness survey at a prominent location, have your employees wear their uniforms.
  49. Hire a marketing firm.
  50. Place stickers on your products.
  51. Create a Pinterest board and use it to share you and your suppliers products.
  52. Create a story about an employee who does something exceptional.
  53. Encourage your employees to do exceptional things,
  54. Advertise at a movie theatre.
  55. Go to alumni events.
  56. Create a pin, brooch, tie clip or cufflinks with your company brand on them – wear one of them at networking events.
  57. Set up a booth at recruitment fairs, even if you aren’t hiring. It sends the message that you are, helps build your pool of candidates, and gives you an awesome way to gather intelligence on your competitors.
  58. Speak at conferences.
  59. Publish a white paper or ebook and give it away for free.
  60. Create a newsletter, gather customer emails,
  61. Drive your company vehicle.
  62. If you don’t feel like painting your vehicle, put on some magnetic decals.
  63. Ask your friends to tell two friends about your business on your behalf.
  64. Post on other peoples’ blogs.
  65. Answer questions in relevant forums using your company’s info as your “signature.”
  66. Posters on telephone posts.
  67. Run a scavenger hunt around town, have the final destination be your shop/company.
  68. Give your employees the keys to the social media accounts on the condition that they promise to use them.
  69. Send out press releases every time you hold an event or one of your employees does something amazing.
  70. Have a remote control plane fly a banner around your neighbourhood.
  71. Have a real plane do the same thing.
  72. Buy ads on local directories if you’re a local business.
  73. Post on Kijiji or other such directories.
  74. Send out a catalogue of your products every year.
  75. Get a phone number with a unique word.
  76. Advertise your website as well as your phone number on all your promotional material
  77. Hold a community radio show.
  78. Hold a podcast.
  79. Hold a weekly YouTube show.
  80. Offer Skype-based consultations on topics you’re an expert in.
  81. Give something away and let everybody know.
  82. Buy a branded hot air balloon.
  83. Have your musically talented employees get in a battle of the bands for charity
  84. Hold a street hockey tournament in your company parking lot, challenge local businesses and invite the press. Make sure to create branded jerseys for your team and sponsor a prize.
  85. Hire published people.
  86. Encourage your people publish.
  87. Buy a boat with branded sails. Sail it around the world.
  88. Plant flowers in front of your offices that bloom in the shape of your brand.
  89. Hold a bicycle rally and ride around your service area in one day, or over a few days. Branded uniforms/costumes recommended.
  90. Challenge a rival to a boxing match. (This is tricky, and likely painful).
  91. Write a jingle for your company.
  92. Hold a jingle-writing contest…on YouTube.
  93. Is there a river in your city? Ride a branded boat down it. (What can I say, I like boats).
  94. Get involved with a local charity.
  95. Join prominent industry associations and maneuver your way on to their board of directors.
  96. Co-advertise with partners and suppliers.
  97. Develop service packages that increase brand loyalty. (i.e. lawn-care and snow shoveling service packages).
  98. Increase your sales channels. Sell products? Try promoting them on eBay to increase your reach.
  99. Run TV ads.
  100. Create an infomercial for your new product. Show it on YouTube instead of TV.